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Our certified translators hold language degrees and are members of the Association of Scientific and Technical Translators in Belgrade


A certified translator is the only person authorized to provide a certified translation of a document and to attest that the translation is fully true to the original text. The service of a certified translator includes translation of a document and its c

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A sworn translator is another word for a certified translator. Sworn translator is a new term for a certified translator used in Serbia as of recently. We offer a full range of language services and help you to communicate effectively. Our serv ..

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Our professional translators are highly trained linguists with skills to translate a text in a foreign language into Serbian and vice versa. All our translators are experts in their own domain. Their work ensures the highest quality of transla ...

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About us


As one of the leading translation companies in the country we have established excellent communication with individual clients, top foreign and local companies. A long-standing list of clients which includes the leading local and foreign corporations, law fims and financial auditing companies, marketing agencies, scientific and research institutions, as well as individuals whose trust we have earned and with whom we have established continuing cooperation, is our best reference. Our translators are professionals in experienced in the widest range of texts. We guarantee the highest quality of translation and proofreading services. They promote social and commercial values, making communication amonth its clients easier, establishing ethical and professional standards.

We provide our services in accordance with the strict guidelines of paying attention to each and every detail. Each translated document is analyzed, double-checked and formated. Our priorities are quality, favourable rates, adherence to the agreed terms and confidentiality. As part of our effort to provide the highest quality of service, we have arranged for a courier who will collect the documents at your address and later deliver the completed translations, as you may require. The owner of the translation company, Mrs Maja Popovic, graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, English Language and Literature Department, in 1999. She has been a member of the Association of Scientific and Technical Translators and a certified translator since 2000. Thank you for your interest in our services.


Translation Agency Popovic Belgrade


We offer the services of court interpreting and translations for English, German. Italian, French, Polish, Russian, Croatian and Spanish language. Apart from our full-time employed court interpreters and translators we have long-standing cooperation with part-time court interpreters and translators and with leading translation agencies. Therefore, you may contact us for translation services for most world languages. Translation can sometimes be very complicated in certain fields and requires specific field knowledge, but our court interpreters and court translators are experts in various fields and their work insures correct terminology, grammar and sentence structure and the result is that the translated version is the perfect interpretation of the original document or the text to be translated.

Our Agency for translation and court interpretation uses only translation services from translators that are specialized in specific fields such as finance, banking, law, technology, medicine, general texts, etc. We proofread your texts at your request. Subsequently, a native speaker reads the translated text and complies it with the spirit of the language that it was translated into, so as to get the highest translation quality. We translate general texts, specialized texts, medical texts, technical texts, books, websites, films, personal documents, etc. All our translators have years of experience behind them, excellent knowledge of language and complete knowledge of the text that is to be translated. We are the members of the Association of Technical Translators of Belgrade.


Court interpreter and translator


There are two kinds of written translation. Translations with certification from a certified court interpreter and technical translations that do not require court interpreter’s certification. Translations issued by a court interpreter are official translations done by an individual entirely familiar with the legal terminology in the target language as determined by the competent authority – the Ministry of Justice. Court interpreters confirm with their seal and signature that the translated document is the same as the original, that is to say the true copy of the original. In order to start translating, we would require original documents for inspection and a certified copy. The material that is being translated can also be sent to us via electronic mail. The translated and certified material is delivered free of charged to the desired address.

Our court interpreters and court translators have the corresponding academic degree and have taken examinations to prove their knowledge of language and legal terminology. Translation Agency Popovic is a professional language centre with its office in Belgrade. Our goal is to provide professional translation service to companies in the entire world in order to accomplish successful entry to the Serbian market and start our successful business. We are also there for people whose language skills are obstacles for doing business and making investments in Serbia. If we become your choice, we believe you will become one of our regular clients. If you are looking for a quality translation and court interpretation service, you’ve come to the right place.


Agency’s free services


With the desire to respect your time and for the purposes of having a professional relationship, we have decided to offer you a variety of appropriate options and in that way to consolidate all operations, i.e. services that our agency is offering to you, so as to save your time. From now on, anything concerning translation services, whether it is translation of documents and texts or getting the same ones certified, you can do it from the comfort of your armchair. The only thing you need to do is to prepare the documents that are to be translated, and the rest is up to us. The prices are competitive, we can go as much and say that they are one of the lowest ones. Alongside already reduced prices, you can get a discount of 10% or 15% if you subscribe to our newsletter.

You only have to type in your name and e-mail address where we will, once a week, send you the latest news concerning translations, sales, holiday discounts, humanitarian actions, various conveniences and events about the Translation Agency Popovic. That is not all that we are offering... You will get every translated document in two copies, in electronic form, with free delivery to the desired address on the Belgrade territory. If you are not from Belgrade, the translated material can be delivered to you by mail. If you want to you can visit our office, located at 38a Hercegovacka Str. (the entrance to the street is from Prvomajska Str) in Zemun in person. We are also doing free delivery and translation for children that need medical treatment abroad.


Frequently asked questions


What is the price of translation?
The translation services price is based on one translator’s page. Pages can be written in a variety of letter sizes and different text density so the calculated unit of the text amount is a general copyright under which one page contains 1 800 characters. Characters include letter spaces and character spaces.

What is the quality of translation?
A court interpreter, a court translator and a translator who will be working on the translation of your document is a graduate philologist and a member of the Association of Scientific and Technical Translators who has undergone additional trainings. They are experienced professionals and as such guarantees top quality of translation.

How does one become a court interpreter?
If you want to become a sworn-in court interpreter in Serbia, you need to meet a few criteria. First of all, you need a lot of working experience and patience. When we say patience that includes waiting for the Ministry of Justice to announce the competition and then authorize the individual for performing activities as a sworn-in court interpreter. In order for an individual to be authorized by the Ministry of Justice to work as a sworn-in court interpreter, a competition for a certain language must be announced - that may be English language, German language or maybe French language. The Ministry of Justice, i.e. the Minister, sets the criteria in the competition that the applicants for the sworn-in court interpreter have to meet.


Translation services


Apart from extremely favourable prices, our agency offers high quality of translations for individuals, small and medium-sized companies, firms, multinational corporations and institutions. Our highly qualified court interpreters and translators will offer you technical translations in all areas in a short period of time, guaranteeing high quality of translation. The process for a quick service is simple. Once we have received the document, you will promptly receive and offer for the due date for completion of translation. Our courier service is also at your disposal and is completely free of charge. The only thing you need to do is to prepare the documents that are to be translated, and the rest is up to us. The prices are competitive, we can go as much and say that they are one of the lowest ones.

Translation Agency Popovic offers written translation services from English, French, Italian, German and Spanish with or without certification of the certified court interpreter.


We guarantee to all of our clients high quality translation and proofreading services in all specialized fields such as economics, law, finance, banking, marketing, medicine, etc. and we also translate and certify personal documents, certifications, decisions, certificates, statements, agreements, diplomas, licenses, visas, reports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, powers of attorney, passports, citizenships, drivers licenses, registry excerpts, etc.


Types of translations


DOCUMENTS (certificates, statements, confirmations, decisions, school certificates, contracts, diplomas, licences, visas, reports, birth, marriage and death certificates, authorizations, passports, certificates of citizenship, driver's licences, sales agreements, extracts from registries, etc.)

FINANCE (accounting, banking, bidding documents, strategy and investment analyses, bidding procedure, forms, statutory provisions in monetary and fiscal policy, contracts, tax returns, pamphlets, financial statements, etc.)

MEDICINE (medical doctor's findings, clinical research of documents, characteristics of medicines, medical literature, referral slips, instructions, discharge documents, brochures, pharmaceutical instructions, etc.)

MARKETING (advertising, branding, marketing contracts, campaigns, media events, conferences, internet marketing, research, marketing authorizations, plans and goals of marketing services business operation, etc.)


ENGINEERING (manuals, engineering instructions, warranties, technical documents, softwares, web sites, specifications, catalogues, technical characteristics, etc.)


MISCELLANEOUS (bidding documents, laws, scientific papers, books, brochures, business cards, catalogues, certificates, fliers, manuals, bulletins, patents, presentations, various instructions for use, etc.)

We translate all types of documents with certification of a court interpreter! 


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