We offer the services of court interpreting and translations for English, German. Italian, French and Spanish language. Apart from our full-time employed court interpreters and translators we have long-standing cooperation with part-time court interpreters and translators and with leading translation agencies. Therefore, you may contact us for translation and court interpreting services for most world languages. When chosing associates we take care that the translations are done in technical, precise and understandable and idiomatic way and with suitable terminology. Having this goal in mind we chose experienced translators we are certain will meet the desired deadlines and high expectations of our clients. They have experience and excellent knowledge of the language. They will achieve maximum performance by complete understanding of the translated matter. That is not all, rest assured that we are among the agencies offering the lowest rates of our services in Belgrade. Favourable prices, excellent quality of service and free delivery is what makes us stand out among our competition.


There are various reasons you may need to get a translation certified. This is often necessary in the case of translating legal documents. Ttranslators can register with an official body as a “sworn translator” and by doing so be recognised by authorities such as the High Court of Justice to translate and legalise documents. The document has been certified by the translator or the translation company.