World languages

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About languages


The most widely distributed language in the world is not English, but Mandarin, spoken by more than one billion people. It is no wonder, since it is used by the citizens of the most densely populated country in the world - China. English language, spoken by more than 500 million people, is the official language in the largest number of countries in the world. Hindustani language comes third. It is spoken by nearly 500 million people and it is the first language in India. It has many dialects and the most famous one is Hindu. The estimation is that the Indian population will soon outgrow the Chinese. Spanish comes fourth, as it is spoken in almost all countries of the Latin and Central America, as well as, of course, in Spain and Cuba. Russian language takes fifth place and it is spoken by 280 million people and it is one of the six UN languages. It is spoken not only in Russia, but in Belarus, Kazakhstan and even in the USA. Arabic language comes sixth. It is spoken by 250 million people. It is one of the oldest languages in the world. It is spoken in the Middle East, in many countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.


The most widely distributed language in the world is not English, but Mandarin


The seventh world language is Bangali, spoken by more than 120 million people. Bangladesh is surrounded by India, where population is fast growing, so the number of its speakers constantly increases. Portuguese is spoken by 191 million people, at place number eight. It is distributed worldwide. Since Portugal has taken part very early in the game of global exploration, this language is now spoken in Brazil as well, where it is a national language, then in Angola, Macao, Venezuela and Mozambique. Indonesian language is at the ninth place and is spoken by 160 million people, mostly in Malaysia and Indonesia. There are many Malayan dialects and Indonesian is one of them, as well as the most popular. The last language among the top 10 is French, spoken by 130 million people. French is also spoken in Belgium, Canada, Rwanda, Haiti and Cameroon.