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Court translation

All certified translation services in one place. Certified translation bearing the seal of a certified (sworn) translator is our specialization. We guarantee language proficiency, expertise in all domains, engagement and motivation, cutting-edge technology to achieve the best possible text formatting, proofreading and revision and a perfect coordination of the project as a whole. In addition to never missing the deadlines, we make sure to provide fast turnaround times, flexibility, quality and reliability throughout the entire process. Aside from English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, and Polish, we provide translators, both certified and non-certified, for a number of other languages.


Document types


Document types most frequently requiring certification:

  • official documents
  • business letters
  • technical files
  • contracts
  • tender documentation
  • personal documents
  • other documents


”Official documents“ include various types of certificates, degrees, school transcripts, birth, marriage and death certificates, police criminal records checks, driving licenses, passports and ID cards, bank statements. A business letter is a document frequently encountered by a certified (sworn) translator. Its content can, for example, be the subject matter of a court dispute and therefore the client has to be provided with a precise translation with no omissions or additions. In other words, the message in the source text must be translated accurately, without changing the meaning. Technical files include a wide range of documens such as technical specifications, catalogues, manuals, designs, bills of quantities, etc. A contract is the most important document a sworn translator works with. Contracts contain provisions with a far-reaching effect; in fact, a contract is a legal deed, and the accuracy of its translation directly affects the outcome of a possible dispute between two parties. Such contracts stipulate prices, guarantees, payment terms, service delivery, administration, etc., all very accurately defined. The translator’s role is therefore of utmost importance when it comes to these documents. Apart from official documents, technical files, business letters and contracts, our company also provides translation services for other types of material such as catalogues, leaflets, advertisements, protocols, reports; the list goes on. The rule of thumb is that a translator first has to read the entire document. A certified translator must comprehend the essence of the text as well as grasp the issue the text deals with. Since we provide a guarantee for all our certified translations, we thereby assume responsibility for their accuracy and reliability. We pride ourselves on being trusted by renowned Serbian enterprises, major international companies and brand names, reputable organizations, government institutions, sports clubs, law firms, and of course, private clients. We industries we cover include legal, medical, pharmaceutical, technical, financial, tourism and education.