PolandPopović Translation Company is your trusted partner in delivering accurate translations of all types of documents and materials from Polish into Serbian and from Serbian into Polish, with or without certification by a sworn translator. Rest assured that your translation projects will be handled only by native-speaking professional translators with rich translation experience. Our certified translators adhere to the professional standards of Serbian Association of Scientific and Technical Translators in their work. They hold court authorization for providing certified translation services and attesting completed translations with their court seal and signature. Even though they are fully credited as expert translators and professional linguists, our company conducts occasional in-house performance appraisals to assure the translators’ competence and quality of work. We can offer you top quality Polish translation services at the best market prices. Once completed, translations can be delivered to you by e-mail or mail free of charge.

Provided that you require translation services in order to establish or maintain strong business connections in Poland or Serbia, our experienced team of translators will be assigned to work on your project and you will be delivered top quality results. Documents that may require Polish certified translation include:


  • Personal documents

  • Legal documents

  • Marketing and advertising materials

  • Financial documents

  • Medical records

  • Websites

  • All other types of documents and materials

The importance of having your translation done by a certified translator

Polish is a widely spoken language, with over 50 million speakers world-wide. Even though most of its speakers reside primarily in Poland, this language is also spoken in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Russia, Germany, Slovakia and Czech Republic. Translating your website and/or your marketing campaigns to Polish can be the most effective way for you to reach wider audience, create business connections and keep pace with the demands of the fast-growing international market. In order to make sure that your services or products are bought and used smoothly and safely, contact us and we will assist you with any type of material and content, regardless of its complexity. Our services also include translating different instruction manuals, user guides, training and course materials, regulations, specifications, etc.

Our translation services will bring you a step further towards your documents being accepted by official bodies

Our translators are always developing and improving their skills and learning new aspects of the job. We pride ourselves on our services and our certified translators’ extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge. We can take any written material - whether legal, financial, medical, technical or marketing - and translate it accurately into any language you need. Our long history of managing complex translations will come in handy for our services may help you with furthering your career, having your official translated documents accepted by any authority in Poland, establishing business connections and discovering new partners in Poland in any type of industry or trade. 

Polish Translation of Business and Personal Documents

High level of competence is required for a legal document to be properly understood and then its meaning conveyed into Polish. Therefore, our team of Polish translators are professionals with established and wealthy experience in legal translation. If you are in need of a Polish certified translation, you can always rely on our company. 

Popović Translation Company’s team consists of trained and qualified translators who will deliver you top quality results with certification by a sworn translator attesting the accuracy of the translation with the source document. The continuous hard work and efforts that we put in are awarded with day-to-day positive reviews and feedback from our clients. If you need an urgent translation, we will prioritize our projects and assign one or more translators to work on your project. We are committed to working side by side with you and come up with the optimal solution.

Technical Translation of Classified Documents

Our Company will always employ the sufficient number of translators to work on your project. Our team can do translations in multiple languages, whether regular from Polish into Serbian or from Serbian into Polish or more specific from English or French to Polish. Any classified documents that you have to have translated by a sworn translator shall be treated in strict confidence by our team. This also applies to all business and personal documents.

Polish Language Facts

Polish language belongs to West Slavic languages with Slavic languages belonging to the Indo-European languages. It is spoken in Poland and by Polish minorities in other countries. Polish is written with the standard Polish alphabet, which is similar to Latin script with several modifications. These modifications are in fact 6 additional letters that are a common problem for all learners of Polish language.

With estimated population of more than 38 million, Poland is one of few countries in Europe that is the least multilingual with 93% of the population speaking Polish as their first language. Despite political pressures from parties opposing the Polish government, who attempted to suppress the Polish language, the extensive literature developed for centuries in Poland, with currently Polish being spoken by the highest number of people from the West Slavic language group. Polish is also the second most spoken Slavic language, coming in second after Russian and before Ukrainian. Polish language consists of four main dialects: Greater Polish, Lesser Polish, Masovian and Silesian. The difference between dialects and knowing when to use a certain dialect is highly important and our team of experienced Polish translators may assist you with this. All we need from you is to specify the target audience you wish to address with a Polish translation.

Out team of translators and professionals will make sure to get your message across successfully to your Polish or Serbian audience. Regardless of the type of document you need to have translated, we have our sources, methods and skills to provide a grammatically correct and localized Polish translation which will be accepted and understood in all regions of Poland.