Spanish translator

Our court interpreters and translators for Spanish are graduate philologists and members of the Association and Scientific and Technical Translators. We perform the services of translation from Spanish into Serbian and from Serbian into Spanish, with or without certification of a court interpreters - Belgrade, Serbia.


The most common certified translations are as follows:


  • Diplomas and School Certificates
  • Birth and Death Certificates
  • Certificates of Residence and Citizenship
  • Certificates of No Criminal Record or Civil Status Certificates
  • Contracts and Powers of Attorney
  • Official documents, health insurance cards or driver’s licences
  • Tax returns or requests
  • Certificates of Citizenship and passports
  • Extracts from registries and certificates
  • Technical instructions and operation manuals
  • Medical and doctor’s reports
  • Marketing contracts and business plans and goals
  • Web sites and books


Interesting facts and history


Spanish language belongs to the group of five greatest world languages. Spanish is the native language for around 500 million people, and including the people for whom it is an additional foreign language, nearly 600 million people use Spanish. Spanish belongs to the group of Indo-European Romance languages, subgroup of Ibero-Romance languages. While it is the third spoken language on the global list of languages, it is on the second place of the most imporant languages in the world, preceeded only by English, with almost 400 million native speakers. Although Spanish is the most widely distributed in Latin America, it can also be heard on all continents. It is hard to determine the actual number of Spanish language speakers, since not all citizens of the countries where Spanish is an official language speak the language, whereas most Spanish speakers in the United States of America speak both English and Spanish.