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Translations from Serbian to English and translations from English to Serbian. Our certified translators hold language degrees and are experienced professionals. We provide translation services from English into Serbian and from Serbian into English, with or without certification by a sworn translator. We are committed to an excellent quality of translation, proofreading and revision in all specialized areas, such as economy, law, finance, banking, marketing, medicine and many more. We translate and certify all types of offical documents - resolutions, confirmations, statements, certificates, contracts, school certificates, diplomas, licenses, visa applications, reports, birth, death and marriage certificates, authorizations, passports, certificates of citizenship, driving licenses, extracts from registers, etc.


English Translation Service


Popovic Translation Company is your reliable partner for translations in a number of subject areas. With years of expertise, professional development and experience, we have positioned ourselves as a strong competitor of the largest translation companies with quality and precision are our main priorities. Whether you work in marketing, technologies, economics or law, we can help you reach out and make your business recognizable outside your country’s borders. As part of our translation services we translate the widest range of texts. Our certified translators observe the standards of the Serbian Association of Scientific and Technical Translators in their work. English ranks fourth in the world by the number of speakers and is the most widely distributed language worldwide. It is spoken in more than 100 countries. In Serbia, a certified translator, also known as sworn translator, is the only person authorized by court to provide a certified translation of a document. The translated document is certified to be true to its original by translator's signature and seal.