English interpreter

All types of translation with or without certification of an authorized court interpreter. Our court interpreters and translators are graduate philologists and experienced professionals. We guarantee excellent quality of translation services in all specialized areas. We offer the services of written translations from English into Serbian and from Serbian into English, with or without certification by a certified translator. We translate and certify documents. All our translators have years of experience behind them and excellent knowledge of language. All of our linguists translate solely within their own specialist field.


English language history and facts


English language originates from the language of Germanic tribes which inhabited the South-East part of Great Britain in the late old centry. With the development of the colonial British Empire, the language has become predominant, even obtained the status of an official language, in the areas which the British Empire has colonized. In the United States of America there is no official language on the federal level, but English has become generally accepted as the official language. In Canada, apart from Quebec where French is predominant, English is spoken as well. The languages of Indian tribes that used to live in North America have almost become extinct, while the remaining parts of those tribes have been settled in reservations. They were greatly reduced at that and practically all their members have assimilated into the present day civilization. A similar process has occured during the colonization of the South African Republic, Australia and New Zealand.

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