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The translation services price is based on one translator’s page. Pages can be written in a variety of letter sizes and different text density so the calculated unit of the text amount is a general copyright under which one page contains 1 800 characters. Characters include letter spaces and character spaces. Approximate price offer will be given to you as soon as we receive the documents that need translation. Also consider discounts that are granted to already favourable prices. We also provide some services free of charge. For more information click on the following link extra discount.



The highest quality translation and the lowest prices in the market!


Having in mind that the owner of the translation agency is a court interpreter and translator, our prices are lower and our translations are translated in an immaculately correct way and in the spirit of the target language. Translation from Serbian into English and from English into Serbian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, French. Our work is based on the Western European Translation Agencies Standards that we abide by in our translations. Apart from very acceptable prices and free delivery of the translations, we claim and guarantee responsibly that, as a part of our services, you will get:


  • translation quality with expert terminology
  • spelling and language translation control
  • strict adherence to delivery deadlines
  • keeping the documents' original form
  • adherence to agreed price and subsequent check, and removing any possible ambiguity connected to the text


Our court interpreters for English, French, German, Italian and Spanish will offer you translation and court interpretation services at very affordable prices. With already low prices, we have also provided for our clients extra discount as well as free delivery of the translated material. We are aware that incompetent and poor translation can cause misunderstandings that can lead to enormous costs and damages in companies. Our translations are free from any speculations; all texts are immaculately translated in the spirit of the language translated into. Only proven competent translators – specialized in specific fields and terminology (legal, financial, technical, medical, etc) work for our translation office. Our court interpreters and court translators are in charge of authentic representation of different types of translation quality. Every page of the translated document will be provided to you in two copies. Conveniently, you will get a free estimate and free delivery of your translated documents. As soon as you have dialed our phone numbers, you have saved money. We are planning to introduce the free call service. All that is left is for you to call us and the rest is up to us. If you have any specific demands or you wish to talk to the person in charge about further information, call us. If we claim that we are among most affordable translation agencies, believe us on our given word or simply call us.