French translator

All types of translations certified by a permanently appointed court interpreter or translations without certification. We provide translating services from French into Serbian and from Serbian into French with certification by the authorized court interpreter – translator. All our employees are graduate philologists and experienced and professional linguists who, with their seal and signature, certify that the translation is identical to the original document. The translation is joined with the original document or a copy of the original that is translated. We translate and certify all types of documents for natural persons and legal entities. Our court translators work according to the principles and guidelines of the Association of Scientific and Technical Translators of Belgrade. Translation of all types of documents and texts certified by court interpreters for French. By certifying the translated documents, our court interpreters for French certify that the translation is identical to the original.


The most common certified translations are as follows:


  • Diplomas and School Certificates
  • Birth and Death Certificates
  • Certificates of Residence and Citizenship
  • Certificates of No Criminal Record or Civil Status Certificates
  • Contracts and Powers of Attorney
  • Official documents, health insurance cards or driver’s licences
  • Tax returns or requests
  • Certificates of Citizenship and passports
  • Extracts from registries and certificates
  • Technical instructions and operation manuals
  • Medical and doctor’s reports
  • Marketing contracts and business plans and goals
  • Web sites and books

Our team of professional translators will provide you with correct terminology and professional translation in the shortest time possible. We approach each translating project with responsibility and a high level of professionalism. Along with very favourable prices, we provide a free of charge delivery. You only need to prepare the documents for the translation, and we will do the rest.


About the French language


Being a part of Romance language family, around 115 million of people in the world use it as a mother tongue. 400 million people in over 50 countries in the world also use French. It is the official language of the European Union and, along with English and German, one of three working languages used by the European Commission. It uses ten verb tenses, five simple and five complex. It is rich with dialects and a lot of words originate from English, Italian, German and Arabic. There are also regional languages, such as French-Belgian, Aostan, South, Metropolitan, Jersey, Swiss, African etc.