German interpreter

All types of translation with or without certification of a court interpreter. We offer the services of written translation from German into Serbian and from Serbian into German, with our without certification of a court interpreter. We guarantee excellent quality of translation services in all specialized areas. We translate and certify all types of documents according to the standards of the Association of Scientific and Technical Translators in Belgrade, Serbia. Professional German translation becoming more and more sought-after, thanks to Germany's leading role in European politics and export, as well as its increasing influence in the finance sector. We provide translation services for firms and individuals with German language requirements. When you're looking for the best linguists, attention and complete focus to detail is what you get with our translators.


German language history and facts


German language (Deutsch) is one of the languages from the Western group of Germanic languages. It is one of the largest world languages. It is a native language of the greatest part of citizens of the European Union. German is spoken in Germany, Lichtenstein and Austria, in Switzerland, in the Province of South Tyrol in Italy, in the Eastern parts of Belgium and bordering areas of Denmark. In Luxembourg, as well as in the French areas Alzas and Lorena, the old inhabitants of these areas speak different German dialects, while a part of the population has mastered standard German language. Small communities speaking German language have also persisted in Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Kazakhstan and Poland. Massive German origin population migrations from these countries into Germany have reduced the number of German native speakers in these communities. The greatest communities outside of Europe where German language is spoken are in the United States of America where millions of Germans have migrated in the last two hundred years, but most of their descendants do not speak German.